Gallery 1356

is a contemporary fine art gallery located in Beacon Jewelers in the historic North End of Manchester, NH. The gallery was established to add excitement and variety to the shopping experience for jewelry customers and to help promote beginner and established local artists.

The gallery handles work in 2d media, including painting, drawing and printmaking and provides a venue of high quality original fine art to accommodate every budget. Operating on a rotating schedule, they are able to showcase new artists every 3 months. During which time an artist's reception will be held, where collectors can meet the artists and discuss the works. Be sure to follow Beacon Jewelers on facebook  and sign-up for their eNewsletter to stay up-to-date on events and new art.

Featured Artist


Tony Luongo, an award-winning artist, illustrator and designer whose portraits have garnered national recognition lives in Manchester, NH. His greatest artistic passion is in portraiture and figurative work in both oil and charcoal. He also enjoys plein air painting when he needs to get out of the studio.

His inspiration comes from masters like John Singer Sargent, Richard Schmid, Norman Rockwell, J.C. Leyendecker, Quentin Blake, and Bill Watterson. He continues to improve his skills and is always trying to impress his loving wife, little boy, and little girls. When he is not painting he is playing with his kids, running, or  running (no pun intended) there art supply subscription box company Smile Create Repeat that he started with his wife.

Since he was a boy he wanted to be an artist but never had the focus or opportunity. Never giving up on his dream he drew constantly, completed commissioned portraits and continually pushed himself to improve his technical ability. In his early twenties he decided that people spend too much time “at work” to not enjoy what they are doing. That was when he decided that he IS going to be a successful artist and illustrator. His focus on his art has been so intense since that he has had to miss family gatherings and parties because
the painting he was working on needed him, and he needed it.

Tony’s abstract paintings are a way for him to relax and just enjoy the youthful pleasure of putting paint on canvas. He cannot make a “mistake” because if a painting is not turning out the way he likes then he lets it dry and paints over it. This is one of the ways he creates subtle texture and beautiful color, both bold and subdued, that evoke passion and emotion. His work can be found in private collection throughout the United States.

To learn more about Tony Luongo's art, visit his web site Luongo Art.


Featured Artist

Arne R. Nilsen is a self-instructed artist who prefers to work with oils and acrylics. He is originally from Brooklyn and Deer Park, New York but retired to New Hampshire in 1990. Arne has always drawn inspiration from his Norwegian heritage and his surroundings, capitalizing on the beauty of the ocean as well as the splendor of a New Hampshire countryside. Arne currently resides in Keene and now at 89 is still painting. He is enthusiastically involved with venues such as Art in the Park and the Art Trek Gallery of Swanzey and has collectors throughout the region.